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Selling on Amazon: how to do it? Definitive guide

Have you ever considered selling through Amazon? You probably know this, but Amazon is the largest e-commerce in the world with millions of people visiting it every day to make purchases or to inquire about their next shopping choices. 

But that's not all there is. It is also an excellent opportunity for companies and companies that have products to distribute thanks to Amazon's impressive logistics. Would you like to know how to sell on Amazon efficiently? 

Find out in the next few lines how to do it and what are the tips to apply immediately to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Develop a Business Plan

Selling on Amazon FBA means thinking in a business way. So, you must have everything you need to understand what your business mission is, a market analysis, the products and services you intend to sell, marketing initiatives and a financial plan. In short, you have to do things seriously and a business plan can only help you in this perspective!

Find your niche and do a market research

Once you've defined what your assets, you need to find a niche that is profitable. Your goal is to sell to a specific group of people who are in line with your product. 

Therefore, you need to know what you are selling, its practical value, and the emotional impact it generates in your niche. You could also find the most popular product at the moment and start selling it. 

All this is not enough, though. In fact, the next step is to understand how the competition moves and keep track of their initiatives. Another idea is to communicate with different suppliers or customers to understand what their feelings are about the product you are going to sell. 

For a course on how to do smart market analysis Click here!

Identify the supplier and place orders

Next, your job is to identify a reputable product supplier. You can find them through collaborations with local companies or on online platforms such as Aliexpress. Get as much information from them as possible and see if they are companies you can really count on. 

Ask them for a sample of the product, price and minimum order quantity, order limit, product quality, etc. Try to understand what the payment terms are. 

Now that you've found the supplier, place your first order and use it to get market feedback. Remember to stay in regular contact with your supplier to avoid misunderstandings and to receive updates on product manufacturing.

Create your Amazon FBA account

You thought it was the first step, right? Not at all. Now that you have all these steps clear, it's time to open a seller account on Amazon. You will have two types of accounts: single seller or professional. The first is free, but there will be commissions equal to € 1 for each item sold; the second includes more features but costs € 39.99 per month.

Create a product list

To start selling on Amazon, a mandatory step is to add your items to the platform. There are a number of steps to complete before you publish your products, however, make sure what you sell is eligible to join the "Prime" program to take advantage of free shipping. 

You can automate the whole process by uploading a spreadsheet that contains every single item.

Manage your inventory properly

If you want to sell well on Amazon FBA, you must always keep an eye on your inventory. It is crucial to ensure that you have enough products to sell and keep the level of inventory available for the needs of the market. Your inventory level will automatically decrease on Amazon as orders are placed. Make sure that it is updated correctly in order to communicate the actual availability of products.

Keep an eye on customer reviews

Keep in mind that customer reviews are a double-edged sword: if they are positive, they will help increase sales; if they are negative, they will only penalize your products. Reviews can also create social proof by creating confidence in the people who intend to buy your product. 

So, your goal is to try to get positive feedback to increase sales and conversions. This is only possible through positive reviews.

Optimize your product list

Finally, to be successful on Amazon FBA it is important to monitor your sales performance and optimize your products. Start looking for relevant keywords and include them in product titles, features and descriptions. In this way you will stimulate the Amazon algorithm that will choose to reward you. The relevance of your product keywords is important for the visibility and sales of your product.

Images are also key. Our advice is to choose from 5 to 7 images from different angles to best show the product to users.


If you are planning to sell on Amazon FBA, follow our advice step by step and start taking your first steps on the platform. Grow your online ecommerce business and get your first sales by following these tips. 

If, on the other hand, you prefer to rely on a team of experts who will take care of every aspect of the sale on amazon from the beginning, contact us and book a call where we will understand your needs to give you the best service in order to achieve your goals in the shortest possible time. Click here

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