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Sell your products online nationally or globally with a few simple clicks thanks to a custom e-commerce, the best marketplaces on the market and the software solution "Linkify 2 click", designed to help you manage the entire structure.

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We create together the best sales structure for your company
Linkify offers you a customized and flexible digital sales structure that can create branding and sell your company’s products through the best channels making the end customer’s shopping experience unique.


Bring your customers to your digital store. It adapts dynamically to your customer’s device and location to drive conversion, and will always be updated with new features to improve performance.


Expand your sales structure through our full range of Marketplaces we work with that allows you to reach more customers and generate more sales. We will also work on keywords to get the most out of each channel.


Increase visibility through an effective marketing strategy and by sponsoring with the right channels. Leverage the expertise of our experts to sell more products and promote your brand through a personalized strategy that differentiates you from competitors, leveraging Facebook Ads, Google Ads, TikTok ads, Influencer Marketing and optimizing SEO.

Interact with the entire facility quickly and easily

Linkify 2 Click

Linkify 2 click offers a new management experience for online sales. Thanks to the study of our professionals, we have created the first software dedicated exclusively to companies to allow an unprecedented management of the sales structure.


Linkify 2 Click, linking to the management software or through a simple wizard, allows you to upload, edit and manage products automatically on all sales channels. It allows you to make mass changes, for discounts and scheduled offers, with dynamism throughout the sales structure. In addition, Linkify 2 Click optimizes each product by lightening the media and maintaining the performance of the sales structure to the highest standard.


Linkify 2 Click has artificial intelligence and a specialized team that constantly check the entire structure to monitor its stability. Thanks to its features, Linkify 2 Click manages independently the software part of: shipments and returns, payments and refunds, customer requests for technical problems. It also allows you to monitor the progress of the entire system thanks to a periodic report where the data of the entire structure are reported.
Safety and compliance always first
Linkify's facilities comply with the strictest security standards, to minimize the risk of system attacks, to comply with compliance obligations and to ensure the protection of your customers' data.


Our team has experts dedicated to the development of our sales facilities.


Every sales facility operated by Linkify is subject to the strictest industry security standards imposed in the regions where it operates.


All input channels are stored and hidden so that only Linkify and the partner company have the keys to access them.


All the structures that Linkify controls are secured, archived and decentralized on multiple servers around the world.
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Linkify has partnered with companies of different sectors across multiple industries with support, quality of service and speed of innovation.

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